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Our Collection

Faham products are manufactured in the region to meet the GCC’s demands and requirements, whether it be aesthetic preferences or technical advantages that suit the regions construction habits and general climate.  The product lines Faham offers play a major role in your homes look and feel, that is why we are committed to providing a wide range of varieties for selection, whilst keeping the option of allowing synergy among the different product lines by providing the exact same finish consistency.


The endless combination of models & finishes, customised to offer the best solution.


Sliding & hinged closets, customised designs, layouts and finishes to suit every bedroom

Ceiling and Skirting

Our decorative ceilings can create a unique focal point and complement your decor.

Why Faham Doors

Easy to Install

Termite Proof

Faham is continuously evolving and ever improving.  We take full advantage of the fact that we are uniquely a factory that caters directly to home owners and end users, through our various retail outlets.  This enables us to receive direct feedback from our clients and always improve our products and services.

Faham Doors was established in the region and for the region.  We succeed in solving problem that clients, contractors and consultants generally face in the construction industry, whether these problem are operational, technical or even aesthetic.

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