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Manufacturing Process

Faham is renowned for being an A-Z manufacturing plant.  Powder that enters the factory leaves in the form of a door.  We are empowered by our own in house computerised design and production facilities, including our own Wood Polymer Composite extrusion lines and lamination lines.
1. Mixing of PVC, Natural wood powder & Additives

Faham sources the raw material of PVC particles, natural wood saw dust and chemicals that allow the bonding and cohesion of the mix.

2. Wood Polymer Mix

The raw materials are crushed to become as fine as possible, the new mix is what gives the new material the name Wood Polymer Composite, allowing it to move to the extrusion stage.

3. Extrusion into Profile & Boards

Innovative molds have been engineered by Faham to allow the extrusion of WPC profiles, which act as integral components for the respective products.

4. Wood Finish Lamination

Profiles and boards are laminated with a PVC skin that gives our products the wood look and feel.


WPC products are manufactured in the most sophisticated way with the most durable composition in the market.